Carol Meyers, a professor at Duke who received her PhD from Brandeis, is trained in both archaeology and biblical studies and has done much of her work on the religious lives of women in ancient Israel. In one of her important contributions to the field, Discovering Eve, Meyers was the first feminist scholar to espouse a historical approach rather than a literary approach. In Meyer’s reconstruction of ancient Israel, she argued that because of women’s essential roles in economy, reproduction, education, etc. that women enjoyed equal privilege with men in agricultural societies, in contrast to urban and elite society structures that tend to subordinate women. She argued for most of history the normal Israelite woman had a position of empowerment. Carol Meyer’s background has allowed her to bring archaeological data to bear on her analyses of the role of women in ancient Israel. She is married to Eric Meyers, an archaeologist himself, also employed at Duke. She is currently the president of the Society of Biblical Literature. Meyers is a prolific publisher and has authored over 450 articles, reports, or reviews.

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