Emanuel Tov, FBA and member of the Israel Academy

Former Editor-in-Chief, Dead Sea Scrolls Publication Project

800px-Emanuel tov

J. L. Magnes Professor of Bible Emeritus, Dept. of Bible

Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Emanuel Tov emigrated to

Israel in 1961. He studied Bible and Greek literature at the

Hebrew University and continued his studies at the Dept. of Near

Eastern Languages and Literatures at Harvard University between

1967 and 1969. He obtained his Ph.D. degree at the Hebrew

University in 1973.


Since 1986 Emanuel Tov has been a professor in the Dept. of Bible

of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (since 1990 he holds

the J. L. Magnes chair), from which he retired in 2009. He has

been a guest professor at various Universities in Europe, the USA,

Japan, Australia, and South Africa. He received several research

awards, among them the Humboldt Research Prize, Germany and

the Emet Prize in Biblical Research (2004) and the Israel Prize

(2009). In 2006 he was appointed Corresponding Fellow of the

British Academy and in 2012 he was appointed member of the

Israel Academy of Sciences. In 2010 he received the Samaritan

Medal for Humanitarian Achievement from the High Priest on Mt.



E. Tov has specialized in various aspects of the textual criticism of

Hebrew and Greek Scripture as well as in the Qumran Scrolls.

He has written and edited numerous books and articles, among

them two text books. One of them, Textual Criticism of the

Hebrew Bible, now in its third edition (2012), was awarded the

Prize for the Best Book Relating to the Old Testament by the

Biblical Archaeological Society in Washington (1992).


Emanuel Tov is involved in several research projects, but since

1990, most of his energy is invested in directing the Dead Sea Scrolls Publication Project. Under his guidance thirty-three volumes appeared in 1992-2010 in the Discoveries in the Judaean

Desert series, including an overall concordance.


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